Brian James Mahoney

名前 Brian James Mahoney
職名 Instructor, Dept. of Multi Cultural Studies
最終学歴 B.A., Arizona State University, School of Politics and Global Studies, Arizona, USA
学位 M.S.Ed., St. Joseph’s College, Graduate School of Education, Maine USA
主な担当科目 Creative Writing, Speech, Oral Communication, TOEIC Testing
専門分野 Classroom Instruction, Curriculum Planning, Student Assessment: Grades K-12 (USA), Grades 1-6 (Japan)
研究テーマ 研究テーマ Education, Cultural Heritage, Language & Learning, International Affairs & Exchange


  • “One Who Sees, One Who Hears All: The Stone Buddhist Statues of Ishiyama Kannon Park.” Mie University Center for International Education & Research Bulletin: No. 11, 2016.
  • “The Ainu Identity and Japanese Human Rights Education: Part One & Two.” Suzuka University Journal Campana: No 21 & No. 22, 2014, 2015.
  • “Cultural Clues Revealed Through Environmental Reaction.” Suzuka University Journal Campana: No 20, 2013.
キーワード American & Japanese Education

Our student body here at Suzuka University is comprised of both Japanese and non-Japanese students. The variety and complexity of backgrounds, languages and experiences makes for a very unique and rewarding teaching/learning experience.


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