アントニオ ジャン ピエール

名前 アントニオ ジャン ピエール
職名 教授
最終学歴 Bachelor of Fine Art University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada 1984

Masters of Fine Art York University, Toronto Canada 1986

Bachelor of Education University of Toronto, Toronto Canada 1988

Masters of Applied Linguistics Macquarie University, Sydney Australia 2011

学位 芸術学修士
主な担当科目 オーラルコミュニケーションI・II・III,留学生のための英語I・II
専門分野 Language Program management
研究テーマ 文学 / ヨーロッパ文学(英文学を除く)


  • A Subjective Report pf Pragmalinguistic FailureSuzuka International University Journal CAMPANA, No. 14, March 2008
  • Examination and Evaluation of the English Portion of the Center Shiken Suzuka International University Journal CAMPANA, No. 17, March 2011
  • Language In a Japanese University CommunitySuzuka International University CAMPANA, No. 18, March 2012
メッセージ I believe that everybody can learn as second, or even third language. People in Japan say to me of ten that they can not learn English but I don’t agree.

A student just has to make an effort and want to really learn. Then with another language the world opens up and becomes a more interesting place.


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